Explore The Story is a blog that seeks to encourage and equip Christians by examining theology, culture, life, and reality through the lens of the truest and greatest book of all, the Bible.  We believe the Bible impacts every aspect of existence because the Bible is from God and because every page of it is part of a beautiful story, an unfolding drama that features Jesus Christ as its Hero.  The Bible is not about you.  It’s about Him. And that’s good news.

All of reality exists for and finds its meaning and purpose in Jesus Christ, which means your meaning and purpose are bound up in Him as well.  For that reason, there is no more important story to explore, than the story of the Bible.

As we Explore the Story together, we will learn what the Scriptures tell us about Jesus, how each part fits into His Story, and what it means for your life right now.

This blog is written by Pastor Steve Doyle and Pastor Demer Webb who joyfully serve their flock at Harbins Community Baptist Church in Dacula, GA.   Both have studied at the The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where Steve holds an MDiv and where Demer is presently (and perhaps for the rest of his life) pursuing his MDiv.


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