Weekend Resource Roundup 12/3/16

Here are a few of the better resources I’ve seen floating around cyberspace the past few days:

Husband, Learn Your Wives.  A good word for husbands. I for one have much room for growth here. Hope this pushes other men as well…

Ingratitude, Ethics, and Porn.  “It could be that much of your spiritual striving is taking place in an unhealthy atmosphere of ingratitude and entitlement…Being thankful is not abstract, pie-in-the-sky spirituality, it is the daily battle to see the world correctly in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

When am I Ready to Become a Christian.  A good resource to share with someone considering Christ.

Does God Promise To Feed And Clothe Christians?   Jesus tells us that God will give us everything we need, but how are we to think about Christians who even now are starving in other parts of the world?

I pray one or more of these resources will be helpful to you as you seek Christ.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Demer

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