Help Harbins reach out to Dacula in Jesus’ name


I’m excited to let you know about a brand new outreach effort we’re launching at Harbins Church.  The following details are from Hannah Sims, who is coordinating this effort.

I want you to think back to how you first heard about HCBC.  For our family, it started as we drove by the church to and from work everyday.  Though we were regularly attending another local church at the time, the community and fellowship that is a hallmark of Harbins Church could literally be felt as we drove past the church and saw numerous kids and teens tossing the football on the front lawn and high fiving on Sunday afternoons.  However, because trying out a new church is always a daunting task, we resolved to listen to the sermons online for over six months before ever walking through the doors of HCBC.

I share that story because I also want to share with you a new ministry that we are pursuing at Harbins.

Each month, our church receives an email from the county with a listing of new residents within a specified radius of the church.  From that list, we narrow down the homes located 2 miles or less from HCBC.  Next is where the fun part kicks in!  Because we know that church hunting can be intimidating (and moving is exhausting)- we as a church are eager to reach out to these newcomers that our literally our neighbors!

imagesThough there are other churches in our zip code, we KNOW that God is evident and at work at HCBC- therefore don’t we want everyone near us to be invited into the work the Lord continues to do at Harbins?!  Yes!- So, each month (moving forward) we are committed to delivering a Harbins Tote to the new residents within a couple of miles of our church.  Each tote will contain a personalized card from one of our Elders, a paper track, a DVD, and a loaf of breakfast bread.

We hope this gesture will bless newcomers in our community.  The bread is an expression of our love and hospitality.   The reusable tote will serve as a reminder of our church.  The track will quickly get God’s Word into people’s hands.  And though it all we are praying that God will use this outreach as a means of inviting our neighbors into a church where the gospel is being preached and that the Lord will draw these new residents to himself.

Up to this point, the preparation of totes and addresses to visit has been done- but here is where you can get involved!  Totes will be delivered every Sunday that we have a fellowship meal.  Our hope is that as people finish eating, they can grab a tote, as well as another couple of people and go spend 15 minutes together continuing fellowship in their car as they deliver a bag to a new resident.  Again, we are only visiting within a two mile or less radius of the church, so it will be a quick trip!

Each month there will be approximately 8 bags that will need to go out- please prayerfully consider how the Lord might use you in this ministry.

In Christ,

Hannah Sims

I am grateful to God that He gave Hannah this burden to reach outside the church walls and into the community.  I really believe this is something that God can use to bless our community and show the love of Christ to our neighbors.  If you’re interested in joining with Hannah in this outreach, please let her know.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Demer

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