Top 5 reads of the week (4/17-23)

Occasionally I’d like to use the blog to point you in the direction of some other blogs and articles that I have personally found to be helpful.  Why keep the good stuff to myself when others might be blessed as well?

This week a number of outstanding posts were published by various authors that encouraged and challenged me.  I thought I’d pass them on to you for your edification.

#5 Theological Primer: The Holy Spirit– Some churches ignore the Holy Spirit. Some that claim to be Spirit-focused are in reality obsessed with unbiblical, bizarre notions about the Spirit. The American Church needs a good, balanced theology of the Spirit. This is a good, brief primer on the Third Person of the Trinity.

#4 Isolation from the Church is Dangerous-Those who need to read this the most will want to skip over this. For your own sake…please don’t.

#3 Your Hospital Visit is Coming– “I was only seventeen years old, or maybe eighteen, but that moment defined how I would engage life in a hospital. My stay would not be a jail sentence. Come hell or high water, I determined that this hospital would be, well, a gymnasium for my soul, a proving ground for my faith, and a mission field for God.” – Joni Eareckson Tada (one of my heroes of the faith!)

#2 The Soft Prosperity Gospel – “The soft prosperity gospel teaches that if you work hard for God, then He should work hard for you. Many have bought into this lie. We go to church, keep our noses clean, and do whatever extra we can. Then we hope God will do His part and bless us with good kids, a nice house, a steady job, and plenty of money. But what happens when the company downsizes? When a kid starts taking drugs? When the 401(k) shrinks? We go into private litigation in our minds because God has not kept His end of the bargain…Do you think (even subtly) that God owes you?”

And My Favorite Post of the Week Is………

#1 Can Your Theology  Handle the book of Lamentations? – Lamentations typically isn’t a book Christians reach for when doing morning devotions. This article hits a home run in reminding us the value of absorbing the full counsel of God in the Scriptures. Don’t just stay in the “safe” parts of the Bible.

I hope one or more of these challenges, encourages, and equips you, pointing you towards Christ!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Demer


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