Giving some props to Patrick

It’s St. Patrick’s Day!  So what’s up with that?  And what do parties, parades, and green beer have to do with St. Patrick?  Well, nothing really.  The actual story of Patrick has gotten lost in all of the traditions that have little or nothing to do with him!

Really, the story of Patrick is a story of devotion to Christ, loving your enemies, and a burning passion to spread the gospel to the lost.   It’s a story of missions.

Below you’ll find a couple of resources regarding the inspiring story of Patrick.  Consider sitting down with your kids, watching the video below, and reading the linked articles with them.  Consider incorporating these resources into your regular family worship/devotional time.

Here’s a great two minute video with an overview on Patrick

David Mathis over at Desiring God wrote an outstanding article called Remember St. Patrick.

Mathis writes that, “Instead of acquiescing to the religious establishment, Patrick took the gospel…and ventured all for the unreached Irish. Instead of coasting toward a cushy retirement, he gave nearly three decades to the nation-transforming evangelization of Ireland”  Read the entire article here.  It’s really good!

Finally, be sure to check out Kevin Deyoung’s short post entitled, Who Was St. Patrick?

So be sure to give some props to Patrick today.  But more importantly, give thanks and honor and glory to our great God who changed Patrick’s heart and used him as a vessel to reach ancient Ireland for Christ.  Ultimately any good that is done by any of Christ’s followers is because of what Christ has done.  I’m sure Patrick would agree.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Demer

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