How We Got the New Testament


I’ve been enjoying the community group that I’ve been a part of this year.  Our small group is going through a great study called “Christian History Made Easy.”  Church history is relevant because it’s our family tree!  What’s more, through church history we get to see how God has worked in and through his church for 2,000 years.  It’s a great story.  It’s our story.

One of the things we covered in a recent session was how we got the New Testament.  How did these copies of Scripture make it around the world and how did the early church put these New Testament books together?  And how can we be certain that what we have now are the same Scriptures they had back then?  In this brief clip, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones shares an overview of how God preserved His word through the centuries.

There’s no question that the Bible you have now is an accurate copy of what they had then.  The next time you read your New Testament, praise God for how He has providentially worked through His people through the centuries in protecting and preserving His holy and inspired word!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Demer

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