Let’s Make Satan Tremble


Tomorrow night is our monthly men’s prayer and discipleship meeting. This time each month has become exceedingly sweet to me, and I know it has to others in our church as well. I believe God will continue to work in magnificent way through our church so long as we are committed to prayer.

Spiritual warfare is real and Satan is at work against God’s people. Satan rages against God, against His Christ, and against all those who have put faith in Christ. It is therefore the duty of all Christians, and especially the men, to take up our armor and go to battle on our knees.

They hymn-writer and poet, William Cowper, once said, “Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Christian on his knees.” I agree. So I encourage all men, even if you aren’t a member of Harbins, to join us tomorrow night at 6:30 pm as we gather and cause our enemy to tremble.

To prepare for that time I encourage you to meditate upon Psalm 2. We will briefly look at this Psalm tomorrow night before we begin to pray, and we will let it guide a significant portion of our prayer time.

Have a great night and a wonderful Lord’s Day.

For His Glory Alone,

Pastor Steve

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