Weekend Resource Roundup

Here are a few of the better resources I’ve seen floating around cyberspace the past few days:

  • You will be persecuted with words. Persecution against Christians comes in different forms. Some forms are severe, some are light, but regardless, it is normative for believers to suffer to one degree or another for their faith.

  • Naive evangelicals trying to avoid the reproaches of Christ. No amount of niceness will remove the reproach of Christ from you if you choose to follow his teaching on sexuality.  But Better to have Jesus and his reproaches than to not have him at all (Mark 8:34)  Therefore, we need to crucify our desire for the world’s approval.  To help you do that, click on the link to the article below.
  • Our unhealthy preoccupation with acceptance. There has always been a temptation for Christians to chase the approval of men rather than God, but the latest chapters of the sexual revolution have pushed many professing Christians, churches, and denominations over the brink. Oh Lord, help us tear down the idols of public approval and let us glory only in your approval of us through Christ.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Demer



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