Blogging for your good and God’s glory

Some of you are aware that when I was in Alaska a part of my ministry including blogging.  I was always amazed when people told me they actually read it and even more amazed when they said they actually benefited from it!  Because I love to write, it made me happy to know that this endeavor was doing something beyond just giving me an outlet to express myself.

Now that I am serving at Harbins Church, my hope is to continue and even increase my writing ministry.  Pastor Steve also shares a passion for building up the body through the written word, and for this reason, we are excited to join forces and blog together.

thomas_std_tExplore The Story is a blog that seeks to encourage and equip Christians by examining theology, culture, life, and reality through the lens of the truest and greatest book of all, the Bible.  We believe the Bible impacts every aspect of existence because the Bible is from God and because every page of it is part of a beautiful story, an unfolding drama that features Jesus Christ as its Hero.  The Bible is not about you.  It’s about Him. And that’s good news.

The Apostle Paul tells us in Ephesians that the mystery of God’s will has been revealed to us, and His will is “the summing up of all things in Christ, things in the heavens and things upon the earth.” (Eph 1:10)

All of reality exists for and finds its meaning thomas_std_tand purpose in Jesus Christ, which means your meaning and purpose are bound up in Him as well.  Everything you need to know about your life, your world, and reality itself is revealed in the Scriptures, for that reason, there is no more important story to explore than the story of the Bible.

We really want this blog to be for your good and for God’s glory.  If there are particular topics, theological questions, questions about Christian living, or various themes you’d like us to pursue on the blog, please let us know.  We want you to benefit from this resource and help you discover how your story is wrapped up in His.

I left a handful of old articles up that I wrote while pastoring in Alaska, but God-willing, Steve and I will be adding much more new content to the blog moving forward.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Demer

4 thoughts on “Blogging for your good and God’s glory

  1. Demer
    I think thiis is a wonderful addition
    I am so glad you are back
    I so appreciated your past studies and always learned so much and went away with much to ponder.
    Truly welcome back.
    Blessings to you and your family

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